Polish-Hungarian Youth Forum

Europe Strategy Research Institute participates in a project called "Polish-Hungarian Youth Forum" 

financed by Hungarian-Polish Nongovernmental Cooperation Program

organized by Hungarian Embassy in Warsaw and Hungarian Institute of Culture. 

Youth Is the Future. How to Build Polish-Hungarian Youth Cooperation? 

One of the factors contributing to taking up civic activity is the need for change and development, which is more common among young people. However, we still have problems with talking about the actual cooperation of young people, which is almost non-existent on a large scale, and the inclusion of young people in decision-making processes is only apparent. The social attitudes of young people are shaped not only by the need to influence the environment but also to build a community across borders. Is building the image of young leaders more than just a slogan? What benefits can this bring for international cooperation?

List of speakers:

Daniel Przewozniak, Vice-President of the Polish Self-Government in Buda, Countrywide Local Government of Poland, Hungary

Andras Volom, President and Co-Founder, V4SDG - Visegrad for Sustainability, Hungary

Marcin Pacholski, Member of the Board, Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, Poland

Zsofia Racz, Deputy State Secretary for Youth Affairs, The Prime Minister's Office, Hungary

Piotr Mazurek, Secretary of State, The Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Poland

The panel will take place on the 8th of September. 





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