Miszlivetz Aron James kutatási projekt

The EU’s Strategic Compass as a new concept of security

Researcher: Aron James Miszlivetz

Duration: 2022. February 1. – 2023. September 31. (19 months)

The aim of the research project is to analyze the EU’s Strategic Compass in depth as a first milestone in achieving strategic autonomy vis-a-vis international actors (US, Russia, China). The research would like to compare the EU’s Strategic Compass with NATO’s upcoming Strategic Concept, highlighting the EU’s hybrid policy and posture (civil-military) towards security, including defense. While both NATO and the EU continue to be present in more EU member states, the research would shed light on the added value of a “European” (EU) branch of strengthening and broadening the Common Security and Defense Policy as part of the priorities of the French Presidency. This also presupposes the fact that to solve the NATO-Russia diplomatic and security disputes, the EU would need to take security into its own hands to push forward the interests of the EU as a whole in its direct neighborhood (South and East, including dialogue with Russia) using more of its soft power. The research would conclude with analysis of the new emerging threat landscape and the EU’s unique (legal, pragmatic and strategic) response which defines the 21st century and how the nature of the EU allows it to tackle new, emerging security challenges more successfully than NATO per se. The core of the research would focus on redefining the notion of security, focusing on the broader concept of “human” security, this includes the soft. The results of the research will provide experts and EU professionals with knowledge of possibilities and approaches to further develop the EU’s capabilities in this field, which would provide for more leverage in the international arena.